Why your jewelry business needs content marketing


Content marketing is all the rage now and for good reason. In order to grow loyal fans of your brand, you need to be consistent in your content creation. Yeah, yeah I hear what you saying: “Content creation is for online businesses, I’m a jewelry brand how is creating content going to help me?” or “it’s a total time suck” or my personal favorite: “I tried it but nothing happened so I lost interest!”

Before we get into why content creation and marketing is a valuable tool for your jewelry business we first have to look at what content marketing is. It’s the creation of relevant, valuable and consistent content through the creative thought process and story telling. 

Content can be anything from blog posts to video’s and podcasts. As long as the audience that you are creating the content for finds it valuable and relevant to them.

So then what is Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing? Well these are the vehicles that are used to deliver the content you have created for your audience. These can range from your own blog page on your website to Facebook; Instagram; Pinterest & YouTube to name a few.

But isn’t content marketing for online businesses? Here are some reasons why you might consider content marketing even though you have a brick and mortar business that sells physical products.

Great content on your website/channel/page will turn it into your best employee. It is the one employee that is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day – it draws visitors in and converts them into customers and fans. This is why it is so important to have great quality information that your visitors will like and appreciate.

Great quality content will help your website rank in search engine results. The more people who visit your site the higher it will place in a search engine’s results page.

Putting out informative and useful content will show you as the authority in your field.

Great content that customers find useful will help you gain the trust of your customers.

Content that answers questions that customer may have will make for happy customers and happy customers will buy from you.

Great content that speaks to pain points that your ideal clients may have will attracts new viewers to your site.

Another awesome benefit of creating good contents is brand recognition.

And finally longer customer retention, because it is easier to serve customers that already know, like and trust you than to keep on trying to find new ones.

It is important to stand out in a noisy market place. Creating great, unique and valuable content that will turn visitors into loyal fans is the cheapest way to do this. So what are you waiting for? 

Give it a try – you have nothing to lose.