Why we switched to VIP Days and how you can too
Day Rates


When we started Virtual Duo, we were working and charging clients hourly rates and offering retainer packages. We then moved over to project rates. But quickly realized that neither of these models quite worked for us.

We were:

  • Spending (unpaid) hours quoting on jobs
  • Landing the job but waiting months for files from the client
  • Working on the project but waiting weeks for feedback
  • Spending countless hours (unpaid) on revisions
  • Waiting for payment

There had to be a better way. For us and for our clients. Enter our good friend and client Sarah Masci. She is the founder of Day Rate Mastery and the day rate business model. Seeing how frustrated we were getting with it all, she suggested we give her Day Rate Business Model a try, and we are so glad we did.

She calls her program life changing and it truly is and not just for her and for us but for all of her students that she has helped switch their business models over to Day Rates.

By offering clients the option to book us for a day we have been able to:

  • Become highly efficient and fast at what we do (which makes us very happy)
  • Get clients results fast (which makes them very happy)
  • Work less while making more
  • Create an epic, automated client experience

How our day rate offer works:

  • We offer an 8 hour block of time that clients book and pay for in our scheduler.
  • They get all their files to us before our day together
  • We have a kickoff call about 7 days before our day together to go over strategy
  • On the day of our intensive the client is available on messenger throughout the day for quick feedback in real time

Clients absolutely love the process because:

  • We block off the whole day to work only on their project
  • It’s fun and exciting
  • It’s collaborative
  • It’s organized and efficient
  • It’s a flat fee, no matter what the project
  • They get their project completed fast

It’s a win win for everyone.

If you’re interested in offering day rates or just want to get expert training on how it works and how it can work for your business, grab Sarah’s Day Rate Quick Start. It’s only $37 and it will get your started with offering Day Rates immediately or grab the full VIP Day Plug ‘n Play Course.