What to do if you have no testimonials


Let’s face it, having testimonials on your site of happy customers is a must if you want to create credibility and position yourself as an authority in your field. But what if you are just starting out and don’t have any customers yet? Here are some tips and tricks to use until such time as you can confidently put up those glowing recommendations of your beautiful work.


Position yourself as an up-and-coming instead of an amateur and create excitement around your new adventure. Instead of coming across as an amateur just starting out, rather flip the script and leverage your previous knowledge and success and position yourself as an up and coming star in the industry.

Social Profiles

Keep Social profiles professional and up to date. The first thing people will do is look at your social media profiles. They will want to get to know who they are doing business with, so keep your profiles up to date and professional with a good photo as well as a short bio about yourself and what you do. Branding your business and personal pages will also make you look more professional and position you as an authority over those that do not have continuity of brand across their social pages. You can check out the Build a Better Brand short course for more on how to brand your jewelry business for maximum effect.


Mirror your customer’s beliefs. Customers love buying from people who believe the same things they do so you could for example say:

You will love working with us if you:

  • Value quality and precision
  • Believe in budget friendly but not cheap jewelry
  • You love bespoke one of a kind pieces

Or you could say

We believe:

  • In quality and precision
  • Your trust is valuable and worth protecting
  • Every woman should have bespoke one of a kind jewelry
  • It should be affordable and beautiful

Make a promise

Make your customers a promise:

We promise

  • to use only the highest quality metals and gems
  • that we will use cutting edge techniques and tools
  • you the service and quality product you deserve.
  • we are only a phone call away to answer any questions you may have

Use quotes

Find famous quotes that speak to your audience, product or business. These will lend credibility until such time as you have testimonials to share.

Quote Statistics

Quoting statistics is also another great way of making your customer feel comfortable doing business with you without having testimonials of your own.

Once you have been in business a few months ask your clients to write a few words for your website or social pages. You could also use images of your best pieces and ask their owners to write a review. You could offer an incentive or discount to customers who are willing to write a review for you answer a quick survey