The Secret to Scaling with Tiny Teams
The secret to scaling with tiny teams


When you hear the word ‘scaling’ one would often think that it would mean growing a team into more and more and more people.


What if I told you that you could still scale, with a tiny team?

It may sound counterintuitive, but numerous successful companies have discovered the secret to achieving significant growth and success by embracing the power of small teams.

The essence of scaling with tiny teams lies in focusing on efficiency, collaboration, and leveraging the right tools and technologies.

Before we dive in. Let me tell you a little bit more about me. My name is Jacqui Money. I live in an off-grid tiny house in South Africa and building a food forest. I’ve got five beautiful dogs. Two of them are giant breed. Yes, I know giant breed dogs in a tiny house. It’s hysterical, a husband named Warren, he’s even more introverted than I am. And I love helping women run and scale big businesses with tiny teams and custom backend systems. That’s what I absolutely love doing. I believe everything can be simpler and easier and tinier so that we can all live bigger, better lives.

Before I explain how this methodology works, let me share some proof:

  1. Meet Cassandra, a health coach who was struggling to keep up with client demands and grow her business. She decided to take a slingshot season to focus on optimizing her systems, improving her website, and streamlining her coaching packages. As a result, she was able to attract more clients, increase her revenue, and reduce her workload. Now she feels more confident and in control of her business than ever before.
  2. And John, a talented web designer, he found himself overwhelmed by the constant demands of these clients and struggling to keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape. He decided to take a slingshot season to focus on developing his skills, improving workflow, and building a better marketing strategy. As a result, he was able to attract higher paying clients, increase his rates, and take on more fulfilling projects. Now he’s happier, more successful, and better positioned for long-term growth.
  3. Samantha is a course creator with a wildly successful course. But she was finding it difficult to keep up with the competition and attract new students. She decided to take a slingshot season to improve her course content, build her email list, and create a more engaging social media presence. As a result, she was able to attract more students, increase her revenue, and build a stronger brand. Now she’s able to create and sell courses with more ease and confidence than ever before.
  4. And lastly, Mark is a relationship coach who was feeling burnt out and frustrated with the constant demands of his work. He decided to take a slingshot season to focus on improving his work-life balance, developing new coaching programs, and building a stronger support network. As a result, he was able to attract more high-quality clients, increase his revenue, and build a business that was more fulfilling and sustainable. Now he’s able to help more people and enjoys his work more than ever before.

Now let’s touch on how this works. Well, the Slingshot Season is a process in which we streamline and simplify your business.

We help you get your business automated so that – you can scale with your tiny team. It’s as simple as that

We meet you where you are in your business, and we take you to where you want to be in your business – no matter the business size.

If this brought up more questions than answers, the next step for you is to get my FREE ZERO FLUFF Onboard Like a Pro Checklist, and let’s keep on talking about systems, automation, and how I can help you grow and scale your business without burning out.

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