The business owners guide to gift giving


I love giving client gifts! I want my clients to feel appreciated and excited to have worked with me. 

As a systems and automation expert who specializes in client management I often get asked about client gifting.


  • Can my business afford gifts
  • What do I include in my client gifts?
  • At what point in my workflow do I send gifts out?
  • Where do I find creative gifts?

Let’s tackle these questions one-by-one.

Can my business afford gifts?

My answer to this question is “Can your business afford not to?” Client gifts don’t need to be hugely expensive. A thoughtful small gift can go a long way to creating good will and making your client feel extra special and more likely to refer you to friends and peers.

When thinking about your gifting budget ask the following questions:

  • How much did they invest in me? This is not to say that it’s a tit for tat type of thing, but let’s be honest, I am going to send a different kind of gift to a client who invested $10k in my business than the client who invested $1k.
  • What impact has this client had on my business? Maybe the client only needed help with something small, but referred you to a lot of their friends or posted about your services on social media.
  • How many gifts are you sending them? If you are planning on sending multiple gifts then make them smaller gifts.

How to find out what type of gift your client might like?

  • Ask thoughtful questions in your intake form. Asking the right questions will help you determine what type of gift to give your client. I like asking clients if they like sweet or salty and if they like coffee or tea. This usually gives me a great starting point when searching for a gift.
  • Stalk them on social media. Look at their Instagram and Facebook profiles. See if they mention anything specific that they like or wish they had.
  • Think about where they live and what time of year it is. Sending a pair of slippers in winter would make an amazing gift!

When is it a good time to send gifts out?

Here are some suggestions:

  • When a client has been onboarded to thank them and celebrate the beginning of the project
  • When you’ve completed final deliverables and the project is coming to an end
  • The launch of a new endeavor to show support
  • Their birthday
  • At the end of the year to celebrate the holidays

Where do I find creative gifts?

Creative and thoughtful gifts will always make you stand out over cookie-cutter, generic gifts so make an effort in your selections.

Here are some of my favorite physical product options:

?Baked by Melissa:

I absolutely cannot resist Baked by Melissa! That’s because I’m a huge sweet tooth!! These delightful mini cupcakes are sure to bring a smile to any sweet tooth’s face ?. Each order comes in a custom box just right for the occasion and I ❤️ that they cater for specialty diets like nut allergies, vegans, gluten allergies and kosher diets.

✨White Spruce Market:

Simplifying and beautifying the art of gift giving is what Whit Spruce Market is all about. Based in Duluth, MN, they are fierce supporters of their local communities with many of their products coming from Minnesota & Wisconsin. This is what makes their gift really unique. With ready-to-ship, corporate gifts and build your own gift box, you can’t go wrong with a Whit Spruce Market gift.

?Silk and Sonder:

These journaling gift sets are bound to delight your journaling clients. You can also choose a subscription to their membership which comes with monthly planners, 21 day journaling program, Members only community and community events.

?Marigold Grey:

You can’t go wrong with Marigold Grey’s artisan gifts! You have 3 types of gifting options to choose from:

  • Ready-to-shop gifts (no order minimums)
  • Semi-custom gifts (low order minimums)
  • Custom gift design (bulk minimums apply)

Since I would usually only send one off gifts I love that they have the ready-to-ship option. I also love that the gifts are unique and beautifully packaged. You’re sure to find a gift for every taste.

?Plant lovers – Horti:

For the plant lover client send them a month to month, 6 or 12 month plant subscription. These beautifully curated plants will arrive at your clients door every month complete with pot and care instructions. What better way to keep you top of mind for a whole 6-12 months!


Another great gift box addition to the list is Thoughty. Thoughty creates lovely, modern gift boxes. They are thoughtfully designed, thoughtfully branded and feature beautifully made, small batch products of high quality.


I discovered BoxFox when I was looking for the perfect gift for a client who I had recently completed a ClickUp VIP Day with. They have beautifully customizable gift boxes for the budget conscious. I really like that they plant a tree with every box you send. 


Another very popular option is Greetable. I love that you can customize everything from box design, to gifts and gift cards. The options are fun and quirky and very budget friendly.

?Have international clients? Consider something digital like audiobook subscription. Here are some options:



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