Streamline with Automation Interview Series: Lisa Galletti


Let me ask you a question: what would be possible for you if you could stop doing all of those manual tasks and your business ran on autopilot? In this interview series, I talk to some pretty amazing women about how they run and automate their businesses. So if putting your business on autopilot is of interest to you, then stick around, and let’s get into it.

Hi, I’m Jacqui Money and I’m a systems and automation strategist who works with introverted solopreneur service providers and coaches to put their businesses on autopilot with custom backend systems so that they don’t have to hire a huge team or work more hours just to make more money!

Today I am interviewing the amazing Lisa Galletti. Lisa is a Marketing Strategist and Consultant for savvy digital entrepreneurs who are serious about saving time and making more money, the smart way, using their own data.

She helps businesses better understand their numbers so they can make strategic data-driven and profit-generating marketing decisions.

Data gives you the ability to generate more profit through direct insight to what is and isn’t working in your marketing.

She believes every business deserves to know this information and it’s her mission to create a strategy that gives you the clarity you need to scale. 

Data + Strategy + Action = Results

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