Overwhelmed to Vacation Bound in 90 Days!


There’s a huge problem in the online business world and that is the lack of an automated backend for your business. Let me tell you about my client Monica. Now Monica had started her web design business back in 2018 just before the pandemic hit. She was an expert in her field and had been working as a web designer for 10 years.

At first her business was doing well. She didn’t have any problem finding clients. In fact she had more clients than what she could handle. The more she worked the more overwhelmed she became and she realized that burnout was setting in.

I remember our call like it was yesterday. I can still picture the distressed look on Monica’s face and the sound of panic in her voice when she said “Jacqui I need your help”. She proceeded to tell me all about how overworked she was and how scared she was that she was going to drop the ball on a client. She just didn’t have enough hours in her day to do client work AND run her business.

So what came out of that conversation was that Monica had very few systems in place in her business; she was a one-woman-show. Most of her processes were still being done manually and she felt like she was recreating the wheel with each new client.

After chatting some more about how her business works and how she delivers her service I was able to get a clearer picture of what was happening. I created a 5 step custom plan for her. One we could implement over time, because I didn’t want her to be more overwhelmed than she already was.

Here’s what the plan looked like:

  1. Mapping out her current workflows
  2. Assessing the tools she was using
  3. Making suggestions on where she could improve
  4. Setting up a custom client management system for her
  5. Automating as much of her processes as possible

I recently had a 90 day catch up meeting with Monica. I have found that this allows for enough time to test the system and make any changes if necessary.

Monica was so excited when she got on the call with me. The first words out of her mouth were: Guess what!! I’m going on vacation?!! (this was the first vacation she was able to take since leaving her job to start her own business.)

We had such a lovely coffee chat ☕ all about how her new systems were working for her and this is what she had to say:

  • She had improved her customer service
    Even though her customer service was already on point. Having repeatable systems in place took her customer service to the next level. Because she wasn’t so stressed out she had started coming up with new ways to surprise and delight her clients which made her even more referable.
  • Her revenue increased
    Her revenue increased by 20% because she had more time to spend on marketing and calling in her ideal clients.
  • She reduced her costs
    She got rid of a whole lot of software that she didn’t need anymore. She found that she was making fewer mistakes that were costing her time and because she had a repeatable and templatized system in place for doing her work, she got faster at delivering her service.
  • She has more whitespace
    She now has more whitespace in her calendar which has allowed her to work on her business, not only in it. It has also allowed her the time freedom to practice self care, take weekends off and take that vacation to Bali she had on her bucket list.
  • Her business has now become scalable
    Her business is more scalable because her systems are on autopilot allowing her to work with more clients. She is now working on her passion project creating a DIY course for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build their own websites.

2 additional benefits of creating systems are:

  • Systems improve employee performance
    If you’re one of those people who are planning to hire staff, having these systems in place will allow new hires to hit the ground running and be more productive.
  • Easier to sell your business
    I know that most of us are solopreneurs and haven’t even considered building our businesses to sell them, but having solid systems in place will make your business a more attractive proposition should you ever want to sell it one day.

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