Niching down & creating your VPS


Who is your ideal client and what do you want to be known for? This is what is known as niching down.

Firstly, you need to have a clear focus on who your ideal customer is. Think of your favorite customers.

 Who are they?

 What do they look like?

 Are they male or female? 

Do they like lattes or tea? 

What do they like to read? 

These are a few of the many questions to ask in order to find out exactly who that client is that you love to work with above all else. 

Pop into the Tech & Design Vault to find an ideal client avatar worksheet. This will help you narrow down who your ideal client. If you not a member already then just hit up the button at the top of this page.

Secondly, what is it that you want to be known for? You are a jeweler, that’s great, so are many others. You need to get really specific about what it is that you do. By doing this it will position you as the expert in the field. 

For example: Joe Soap is a jeweler that works only in precious metals and diamonds and specializes in engagement rings. You must be referable by your friends and family, so that the next time someone is looking for an engagement ring, they can say “Oh yes – Joe Soap is your man! He is an engagement ring specialist” You want to be a specialist not a generalist.

I know that this is scary as you probably feel that you will be excluding people, but I promise the more specialized you are the more memorable and referable you will become. Once you become known as the expert you can also charge more for the knowledge and expertise you bring to the table.

This does not mean that you only do one thing and nothing else, it simply means that you have become an expert in that one particular thing.

So then your Value Proposition Statement or VPS is:

What you do

Who you do it for

What benefit you provide.

In our example above: Joe Soap is a master craftsman who works with young couples to bring their dream engagement ring to life.

In short niching down might be the best thing you do for your business. It will allow you to really understand your ideal customer and what they want as well as making your marketing job easier as you don’t have to be everything to everyone. 

It will enhance your relationships with your customers and reduce competition. 

Try it – you might be surprised!