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Jacqui offers training sessions to online communities about leveraging systems and automation to scale your business without working more hours or hiring a huge team; tiny houses, food forests, sustainability and South Africa! With her easy teaching style, she skillfully breaks down how to leverage systems, tech and automation to save time and make more money! Submit the speaker form and we will get back to you 👇! 

Hi there! I'm Jacqui Money.

Yes really, my last name is Money 🤣


I’m a South African entrepreneur & tiny house enthusiast who specializes in helping introverted service providers, coaches and especially VIP Day specialists organize and run their business processes on autopilot so that they can grow and scale without working more hours or hiring a huge team.


I have a bachelors degree in Business Administration and a post-graduate honors degree in Psychology.


When I’m not working my magic 🧙‍♀️ on clients systems, workflows and automation’s you will find me spending time with my 7 fur 🐶🐱 and 13 feather 🦜 kids or planting my food forest 🌳

Topic Suggestions:

I am passionate about sharing my experience on podcasts! Ask me to speak on any of the following topics and I’ll talk all day:


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