Branded Packaging: an unforgettable unboxing experience


The packaging you place your pieces in once they have been purchased is a very important part of the customer experience. It is also an opportunity for you to drive home your brand image and personality. Great packaging will delight customers and ensure that your brand is remembered in a sea of brown boring boxes.

Packaging is part of the branding of your business. As with all other elements of your business it must be consistent with your message and brand. This includes type of materials used; colour and typography. It must also protect the items within.

Awesome packaging will also trigger customer loyalty and fans of your brand. Make sure that you include the following

  • 2 business cards – one for the customer and one for them to share with a friend.
  • A personal thank you note. Customers like to know that they are appreciated and a personal touch goes a long way to being remembered.
  • Care instructions for the piece that they have just purchased.
  • Coupons or discounts to encourage repeat purchases.

Encourage customer to share their pieces online this way you will gain recognition and brand awareness.

Finding ways to make customer’s shopping experiences better will result in increased sales, brand loyalty and a good company image. This can easily be done with a little care and attention to your customers unboxing experience. Create a memorable experience for them and they will become loyal fans of your brand.