Behind-the-Scenes: How I Use Airtable to Manage My Business
Behind the scenes how I use Airtable to manage my consulting business.


I’m not exaggerating when I say that I use Airtable for EVERYTHING. It is one of the most versatile tools in my toolkit. I sometimes think I love it more than I love coffee ☕…oh wait no scratch that, coffee comes first, but Airtable comes a close second. Today I want to talk about why I love? Airtable so much.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

There are many reasons to love Airtable and what it can do for your business. These are my favorites:

  • Airtable has built-in automation and is Zapier-compatible
  • It’s easier to use and harder to break – no spreadsheets held together with formulas
  • With Airtable I can view my data in different ways with the click of a button: Grid, Calendar. Gallery and Form view are all available on the free account!
  • I can sort and filter my data in a million different ways
  • The many different field types allow me to keep my data streamlined and organized
  • Spreadsheets cannot give you this level of flexibility and organization.

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Are you confused and a little overwhelmed dear solopreneur?

I get it! When my mentor showed me Airtable for the first time, I was like heck NO! This looks super complicated – and I’m a techy person. In fact, I resisted looking at it for over a year!

But oh my, when I FINALLY did, I found that it wasn’t as scary as I initially thought and quickly realized what a powerful tool this was and how it could help me run our business without the stress and overwhelm I had been feeling.

**Side note: Isn’t it funny how we avoid scary and new things for so long only to find that when we take the plunge it’s not as scary as we initially thought**

Anyhoo, back to Airtable, which describes itself as having the power of a database, while being as familiar as a spreadsheet!

I hear you asking, but Jacqui, what can Airtable do for me?

Let me answer your question by telling you what Airtable does for me and how I use it.

How I use Airtable

✨I use Airtable to track my leads and manage my clients. Inside of my client management Airtable base, I have information about my leads that drive my marketing decisions. I also track all of my clients in this same base and can even send them follow-up emails directly from Airtable

✨I use Airtable forms to capture client prep work making it super simple for clients to give me what I need to implement their systems and automations during our VIP Day.

✨I use Airtable to manage my marketing efforts and keep track of everything I am doing in terms of visibility and marketing.

✨I use Airtable as a content management database which makes it super simple to manage and repurpose all of my content.

✨I use Airtable as a business hub where I store all my critical business information as well as links, courses, and SOP’s so that there is one source of truth for every important piece of information in our business.

✨I use Airtable to track our sales and opt-ins

✨I use Airtable to set and track our goals

✨I use Airtable for client & student support tickets

✨I use Airtable for our food forest.


✨I even use Airtable as a “body battery” to measure and track my activities and mood.

I love this quote from the Zapier Blog about Airtable: “You can, technically, use a butter knife to cut fresh carrots. That doesn’t mean it’s the best tool for the job. People tend to use spreadsheets in the same way, settling for a tool that kind of works when a database would be better”

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