Are you ready to put your business on autopilot?


It’s kind of amazing how many things we can put on “autopilot” in our lives. Automatic bill pay ensures your power doesn’t get cut off. The recurring appointment you have set in Google calendar will send you a reminder for the weekly staff meeting you lead. Your Stitch Fix subscription delivers clothes to your door every month whether you need them or not. Place a grocery store order and not only will someone shop for you, they’ll deliver it to your front door. Need a 30-day supply of your prescription? Walgreens will let you set up auto-refills with just a few clicks of a button. 

Sometimes I wonder how much time savings I gain through these seemingly small things that just “occur” without me having to take action.

When my partner Warren and I moved out of Cape Town and into a rural community to build a tiny house, I realized just how many of these autopilot conveniences I had taken for granted. With the grocery store 30 miles away, it now takes a significant portion of a weekend to gather essentials for our household. We went from having things on autopilot to having to carve out time in our days and weeks to make essential things happen. We enjoy the time together driving into town, but it’s a different pace for sure. Having lived both with and without a grocery service, I know what a difference it makes in a work week to have my groceries on autopilot (and because Warren likes to cook, I know what it feels like to have my supper on autopilot too!)

All this has got me thinking about putting things on autopilot in business. With so many affordable software tools out there, it’s never been simpler to streamline repetitive tasks and save ourselves valuable time.

My first tool was Acuity. I remember the first time I had someone book an appointment without having to send messages back and forth to find a time that worked for both of us. And I’ll never go back to having to schedule appointments manually––ever!

If you’re ready to put some of those tasks you dread on autopilot, here is a starter list of things you can automate in your business:

  • Scheduling: you will never again have to do the “When are you free?” dance with leads and clients. You can have different appointments for different types of meetings and set the times you are available per appointment. How much time are you wasting booking and rebooking clients?
  • Lead follow up: automate your follow up using an email service provider. How many leads are falling through the cracks in your business simply because they are out of sight and out of mind?
  • Proposals: DO NOT DO this manually anymore! Proposal software can help you set up templates to automate your process of bidding out projects. How many hours a week do you spend manually customizing and sending proposals?
  • Welcome new subscribers: Don’t you love getting a welcome email with a freebie when you subscribe to a list? How many potential clients are not feelin’ the love from you when they join your list?
  • Onboarding clients:  A seamless onboarding process can uplevel the professionalism in your business like nothing else can. How many clients are confused about the first step in their client journey with you?
  • Invoicing: If the act of creating an invoice has you putting off your billing, you’re going to want to automate your payment collection. How many times are you manually emailing clients to remind them to remit payment for services? 
  • Social media: Feeding the Instagram beast is a fact of life in organic marketing. Using a scheduling service allows you to upload your content in advance rather than having to remember to feed the beast every afternoon. How many days do you skip posting on social media because you can’t do #onemorething after a long workday?
  • Collecting feedback: Happy clients = repeat clients. A simple survey automatically sent the day a project wraps up can tell you what is working and not working in your business from the perspective of your clients.. How many wildly happy clients would love to give a testimony but don’t know how/where to leave you a review?
  • Sales: Do you hate selling over the phone? Maybe it’s time to try social selling using chatbots and canned responses in your social media DM’s. What if you could sell a coaching package via DM from your sofa while binge watching Schitt’s Creek?

Just automating one simple task in your business could save you an hour a day. That’s 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month, 250 hours a year (if you take a 2-week vacation…and everyone should.) What are you waiting for? I’d love to help you take back one hour of your week. 

DM us to get started streamlining your business and freeing up time so you can get back to the parts of your business you enjoy!