Well, hello there! We are so happy you have found us!

We are the Money’s, for real, our last name is Money 💰 We are a dynamic husband and wife duo with more than 20 years entrepreneurial experience between us. Our clients refer to us as rare unicorns🦄 because we are techie but also ❤️ being creative and have an eye for great design!



We created The VIP Money Experience when we realized that so many solopreneur service providers, coaches, consultants out there were spinning their wheels trying to figure out all the systems and tech that goes into scaling their biz.



We firmly believe that you should be focusing on your zone of genius and let us take care of our zone of genius!!



We are all about efficiency around here. We’re sure you can relate to working on a project that has taken months or in some cases even years longer than what they should have to complete. We wanted to come up with a way for our projects to take less time while still delivering exceptional work, and making it a fun experience. That is what the VIP Money experience is all about.



When we’re not nerding out over systems and tech, you will find us spending time with our fur 🐈 🐕 and feather 🐦 children or hiking in the beautiful mountains of the Eastern Cape of South Africa.