4 questions to ask when you’re thinking of upgrading your tech


There are some important considerations when deciding whether it makes sense to allocate more money in your business to your technology line item?

These are the 4 questions every business owner should ask when they are thinking of upgrading their tech.

Is my offer ready for technology?

By this question I mean, has the offer been validated and is the offer ready to scale with the use of technology. Over the years in my work as a tech expert I have had a front row seat in the development of offers.

Some offers are better than others. Let me explain what I mean by that: what separates the better offers from the bad offers is the process of putting it out in the world in front of a small group of your ideal clients and getting feedback on it. You can then tweak and perfect your offer before applying technology.

Once you know the offer is something people are willing to pay for and you’ve refined it according to the feedback you received from beta users, you know you’re ready to put technology to work for your offer.

Do I have the systems in place to automate my business?

In order to automate anything in your business you need to first have systems in place. Your systems are all the procedures, processes, methods and tasks that you have put in place to meet your business objectives. There are 3 main areas of your business in which to create systems: Operations; Sales & marketing; Finance. 

Ask yourself: what are we doing that’s working and then put a documented system in place for that process. Once you have your systems in place, you can then think about how to automate them.

Do I have the finances to upgrade my technology?

Be strategic but not cheap when choosing your tech stack. Look for tools that can grow with you as your business grows. You DON’T need all the things!

Who is going to maintain my technology?

Tech and automation is a great asset to have in your growing online business, but it does require maintenance, so, who will be maintaining and tweaking your tech so that it continues to do what it needs to do?

You should be able to make changes without having to call someone every single time you need to update something. During our System Makeover Magic VIP Days you will get 30 days of support so that you can ask me any lingering questions about the systems we have built for you as well as your own support video vault with video tutorials on how to use the tech and maintain your systems.

If you need help with managing your clients, book a Systems Makeover Magic VIP Day with us. Lets create your magical client experience with custom systems focused on you and your business.

Your VIP Day could include:

  • Systems Strategy where we map out your whole client journey
  • Setting up your custom Client Management Hub and Business Hub inside of Airtable
  • Creating a complete VIP Day System (for VIP Day service providers)
  • Creating your complete coaching system
  • Business or marketing automations