10 FREE tools we use in our online business

As some of you may know, Warren and I live in South Africa and while we enjoy beautiful mountains, beaches and sunshine, our currency exchange rate with all the major currency players is rather undesirable. 1 US dollar is equal to 18 of our Rands 😱😱  When we started Virtual Duo 2 years ago we […]

Why we switched to Day Rates and how you can too

When we started Virtual Duo, we were working and charging clients hourly rates and offering retainer packages. We then moved over to project rates. But quickly realized that neither of these models quite worked for us. We were: Spending (unpaid) hours quoting on jobs Landing the job but waiting months for files from the client […]

Our Top Strategies for Scaling Your Solopreneur Business.

“Most people are too focused on money, while the real commodity is time.” You have worked hard and grown your small service based business, but now you are finding that you’re burnt out on client work and trying to manage everything yourself. You feel overwhelmed most of the time and your days end with you […]