11 Content creation ideas for your jewelry business


In our previous blog post we chatted about “Why your jewelry business needs content marketing” 

Here are 11 content creation ideas for your jewelry business:

  1. Share your story. People want to know who they are buying from. Share how you got started if you have a family history of jewelry making share this in a blog post. Your customers want to get to know you so let them.
  2. Promote your next line – give sneak peaks and talk about your inspiration in creating the line
  3. Talk about birthstones and what they mean. 
  4. Post about how to clean your jewelry at home. Talk about how to clean precious as well as costume jewelry.
  5. Behind the scenes look at jewelry making
  6. A series educating customers about diamonds and diamond buying
  7. A series about the do’s and don’ts of buying and engagement ring
  8. Jewelry trends for the season or year
  9. Celebrity jewelry
  10. Gift ideas for different occasions
  11. Share some reviews of your work.